Thursday, December 9, 2010

five percent.

"They say a man can change his personality- the basic essence of who or what he is- by five percent. Five percent: the total change any one of us s capable of.
At first it sounds trivial. Five percent, what's that? A fingernail paring. But consider the vastness of the human psyche and that number aquires real weight. Think five percent of the Earth's total landmass, five percent of the known universe. Millions of square acres, billions of light years. Consider how a change of five percent could alter anyone. Imagine dominoes lined in neat straigth rows, the world of possibilities set in motion at a touch.
Five percent: everything changes. Five percent: a whole new person.
Considered in these terms, five percent really means something.
Considered in these terms, five percent is colossal."
-Craig Davidson, The Fighter